Roblox Coding Resource Guide

If you’re a beginner with scripting on Roblox then here’s my list of recommended go-to resource to get started.

I’ve been scripting on ROBLOX since January 2015 and at that time there wasn’t much in the way of help to learn Lua, the code behind ROBLOX games. Over the last 3 years, I’ve built up a library of resources to help me which I’m now sharing with you. So here goes:

The Roblox Wiki / Roblox Dev

This is ROBLOX’s own developer resource which details how to write Lua code as well as using ROBLOX Studio, the program used to create your game.

YouTube – Roblox Scripting Tutorials

There are now some decent ROBLOX developer tutorials on YouTube from users such as:

Steady On – Search on YouTube for his videos.

AlvinBLOX – Search on YouTube for his videos – also has a website which lists all his scripting videos.

Wrathsong – Search on YouTube for his videos.

Here’s some of the topics that I’ve found useful when developing my own ROBLOX games. You’ll find most are covered on the Roblox Scripting YouTube channels linked above.

Bindable Functions

Allows server scripts to communicate with other server scripts by firing events in different scripts and returning back values and lets client scripts communicate with other client scripts same way.

Bindable Events

Allows server scripts to tell another server script to execute code, or allows scripts on the client to tell another client script to execute code

Currency System

Lets you have currency in your game for players to buy and spend.

Shop GUI

Interface which allows players to spend money in your game for purchasable items

Filtering Enabled

Prevents exploits by not allowing the client to make changes on the server, instead requiring the use of RemoteEvents/RemoteFunctions

Player Points

Points which you can distribute through a script to players in your game which shows on a leaderboard on your game’s page.

Status Bar

Allows your game to show updates to all players i.e. Intermission, Round In Progress etc.


A pre-made animation allows your characters to move and do actions, made in the Animation Editor.

Cloning Objects

Allows you to duplicate objects through the Clone() method in scripts

System Messages

Pre-made messages you can deliver to the chat interface via a script which look as if the game is talking.

Item Equipping

GUI which allows you to equip a certain item at a time for use(edited)

Using Variables, while loops, IF statements etc.

Variables allow you to store data which can be useful for allowing you to keep your code clean not having to repeat the same code all the time.

While loops will repeat any code inside of them indefinitely unless broken with the “break” statement.

If statements allow you to check whether a condition is true or not and will run code depending on the outcome of the condition.

Click Detectors

Allow you to execute code once a brick has been clicked through the MouseClick event.

Data Stores

Allow you to save data in your game by assigning data to a specific key for each player and using GetAsync / SetAsync to update the data in that key.

I hope you found this list of ROBLOX developer resources useful. Let me know what you think.